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Do you have a hard time convincing your friends to explore the world with you? Or maybe you are just looking for a new way to explore the planet.
Perhaps it is time for you to experience a Contiki Tour.

What is a Contiki tour?
The word ‘Contiki’ comes from the ‘con’ in continental and ‘tiki’ comes from Maori, meaning ‘friend’. In other words, a Contiki Tour refers to traveling all over the world with friends.

Who is it for?
Any internationally minded traveler between the ages of 18 and 35.

Where was Contiki from?
Contiki originated in 1961, by a young New Zealander wanting to travel around Europe in a rental car with companions. Since then, the word ‘Contiki’ has stood for fun, exploration and companionship.

What can you expect from a Contiki Tour?
A bus load of adventurers from different countries, cultures, customs and backgrounds. In fact one of the most exciting parts of the trip is meeting so many people and sharing a wonderful adventure with them.
Even if you are not thrilled about traveling by bus, Contiki Tours usually involve a very comfortable bus, tonnes of games, movies and lots of other on-board entertainment. The ‘official’ language of Contiki tours is English so you don’t have to worry about communication problems; sounds all too easy and a heck of a lot of fun!!

What is the schedule like?
Tour schedules are very exciting and begin early in the morning and continue on into the night. In the day, you’ll have a chance to see many historic and interesting places. At night, the party continues as the tour winds up at various clubs and bars. So, if you like the fast lane then this is the tour for you.
Novelty buffs and thrill seekers alike will be kept stimulated with bungee jumping, rafting, wine tasting and a whole host of other exciting activities that make Contiki tours less of a holiday and more of an action packed adventure.

Check out this letter from a very satisfied tour member:
“This was my first trip to Europe, I was a little bit worried about going on a tour by myself but after only a couple of hours on the bus I realized I had made a great choice to entrust my holiday to Contiki. My newfound friends were very nice and we all had an incredible time together. The best places we visited were Holland, Germany, Switzerland and France. It was just like in a movie and I felt like crying with happiness. Although the sights, smells and sounds were wonderful, the best part of the journey was traveling with these fantastic people. Every night, we drank, talked, danced and laughed ourselves silly. Every time I think back on my experience I get a little teary-eyed. On the last day of the trip we all cried and promised to stay in touch and hopefully see each other again. Now I have great friends all over the world writing me emails everyday.
Since the trip, I feel my life has changed. I feel more confident, more active and I don’t give up anything easily anymore. I learnt so much from my travels and I think I grew up a lot. I can’t believe how happy I am now.
I can’t recommend Contiki Tours highly enough. If you are looking for something new or if you want to change your life, book your next holiday with Contiki”.

Upcoming tour information:
8 countries in Europe in 16 days with return air ticket
(This is the most popular Contiki tour available)

10 countries in Europe in 25 days with return air ticket
(Covering the best spots in Europe!!)

10 countries in Europe in 25 days CAMPING
(A very special experience with a very low price)

If you would like more information on Contiki Tours please call JST for help. Their friendly English speaking staff will give you great advice and take care of all your travel needs!! (052-264-0300)
Or you can visit our business portal listing for JST!!