How to get there:

From Nagoya station
Get on a Meitetsu train bound for Okazaki or Higashi Okazaki.
Get off at Higashi Okazaki station. (Express takes 30 minutes, local 45-50 minutes).
Go to the bus terminal at Higashi Okazaki station no.5 or 6.
Get on a bus bound for eOkutonojinyaf or eAsukef.
Get off at eHigashi Kuraf bus stop. (It takes about 30 minutes)
When you get off the bus, walk straight to the first signal.
Turn right at the first signal and walk straight for about 20 minutes. You will walk under the highway.
After the highway turn left at the first signal you see (there is big sign board with eShimpukuji (^•ŸŽ›) written in Japanese. Go straight for about 5 minutes. You will see the temple on the first corner on your left.

By Taxi:
From Higashi Okazaki station taking a taxi will cost about \¥2,500. If your are planning to go as a group of 4 or more then taking the taxi will be more economical.