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If you know anything about Japan, then it probably involves samurai, bonsai or manga. Let me introduce you to another one of Japan’s essential and most relaxing pastimes; the onsen. ‘Onsen’, or hot springs, are renowned for their relaxation and therapeutic benefits and it will be rare, dare I say nonexistent, that you will find a Japanese person who has not spent some quiet time absorbing all the goodness onsens have to offer. The therapeutic benefits, and hence the reason why droves of people visit these places of relaxation, come from the extensive range of minerals and natural salts found in the volcanically heated water. Depending on the location of the onsen and the surrounding underground rock formations, a variety of different minerals that aid the body’s healing can be found.
Onsen can take many forms; from small rock pools in the wilderness to a super spa built to harness the properties of the prized water. The focus of this article is on Utopia Takara, a super spaland of enormous scope.

Conveniently located 10 minutes from Nagoya station on the JR line, Utopia Takara is situated five minutes away from Kasadera Station JR, allows people from all over Japan to enjoy a wide variety of baths, games and facilities. Let’s take a tour of some of the facilities offered.
Arriving at the expansive reception area, customers first pick up their towels, robe and key card (used to gain access to lockers and keep a record of expenses). To the right, one finds a games room filled with all sorts of the latest arcade machines and UFO catchers. To the left, there is an open hallway leading to the baths, restaurants, relaxation areas, massage clinics and gift shop.
Heading toward the bath area you begin to realize that this really is a super spa. In fact, you could probably live here. The bath area itself has 10 baths and 3 different saunas. With traditional cypress wooden baths, Chinese medicine water baths, supersonic wave bubble baths, bedrock minus ion baths your body will never feel better. There is even a children’s bath, complete with slide. If you want to sink into a hot bath while enjoying natural surroundings, the outdoor Jacuzzi (contained within a gazebo so you can enjoy the sound of rain or watch the snow without getting cold) is the place to relax. To top it off, 3 different saunas (medium, hot and mist) are offered.
After melting away the stresses of everyday life, the various restaurants available within Utopia will become irresistible. There are over 100 items offered on the menu in Utopia and the best part about I is that you can eat in your robe. The selection is immense and due to the variety of restaurant styles, eating in Utopia will never become dull.

To let the meal settle, you can wander up to the second floor where you can enjoy a movie or take some time out in the fully equipped relaxation room. A place where it is easy to fall asleep and pretend you never have to work again. You will find all the items you need to have an uninterrupted nap including blankets, pillows and a reclining bed.
Before heading home (or off to the games section) you will be able to treat yourself to a session in one of 6 different massage areas; the closest thing to feeling reborn. It is almost impossible to sample everything Utopia has to offer even if you were to spend the day and night. To offer such a great range of facilities at such great quality requires a business philosophy that can attract people who consider excellence as standard.
Some words from Mr. Takeo Ikuno, the general manager of Utopia Takara:

“Utopia has been here for 19 years. We have customers here which are more like family and the reason is because we offer a service which reduces stress and promotes health and relaxation. For example, we have a massive car park so patrons will never have to worry about find a park or parking on the road. Worry is a stress producer and stress is the enemy here at Utopia Takara. Everything you need is provided, and provided with a smile so your responsibility is to relax, enjoy and be at peace. I think we have something very special to offer the foreign nationals living in or visiting Nagoya. I can only imagine the stress that living away from your home can cause. Sometimes this stress is unseen and can only become known when someone gets homesick or breaks down. My goal is to make all our visitors lives a little easier; a little more peaceful. At Utopia we already have many foreign customers so I hope we can be a ‘home away from home’.”

Sounds almost too good to be true but the truth is that not only does Utopia offer a great place to unwind and be at peace but it can all be had for a mere \1,680 for the day AND night!! What’s more, if you mention you saw Utopia Takara at you will receive a discount and be able to treat yourself for 24 hours for only \1,260.

For international visitors, people from out of town or anyone who wants to really relax, stay at the Kasadera Washington Hotel (see our business portal listing for Kasadera Washington Hotel HERE). It is right next door to Utopia Takara and included with the price of a room is FREE access to the water wonderland. There is even direct access from inside the hotel.

Open 24 hours a day, with 10 different kinds of baths, a movie theatre with chairs that recline all the way back, a hair salon, food, games and relaxation, Utopia Takara has to be seen to be believed.


Open every day 24 hours
TEL 052-611-1126
1-9 Maehama dori Minami ku Nagoya
See the map

Some things to remember:
If you have any tattoos please cover them, especially while bathing.
Bringing food and drink isn’t allowed.
Admittance won’t be granted for people who are intoxicated.

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Remember, mention you saw this story at and you get 24 hours for ¥1,260.