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General Living

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Gifts and Goods from Japan

A great place for students to find teachers and teachers to find students

A comprehensive information portal on Japan

The Web's first vertical search portal for ESL/EFL job seekers worldwide!
Language Schools in Los Angeles and Orange County - Offers small interactive language classes for kids and adults. Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and many more!
A photoblog with an interesting perspective
A comprehensive guide to travel and living in Japan
Japan National Tourist Organization - A great place to start you adventure in Japan - loads of useful information on Japan including the latest news, general living, jobs in Japan and so much more is a wealth of information on all aspects of Japan. If you are planning a trip or already call Japan home, check out this great web resource.
All you need to know about the exciting and informative programs on all aspects of Japan and the U.S.-Japan relationship.
Japan Information and Culture Center - promoting a better understanding of Japan and Japanese culture by providing a wide range of information, educational services and programs to the American public.
This website is designed to take you exploring in Edo. Hopefully it will offer not only some enjoyment, but also some insights into the source of "traditional Japan".
Japan Zone - The #1 guide to Japan and Japanese popular culture.
An online
discussion group. providing scholars, graduate students and professionals a free daily forum to discuss Japanese history, culture, religion, and society, including contemporary political, diplomatic, security, and economic issues.
The one and only Lonely Planet is the perfect companion for travelers and people interested in foreign destinations alike. Lots of good stuff on Japan.