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Say goodbye to awkward shopping transactions hampered by language barriers using our Business Portal and which tells you about businesses in Central Japan and which ones can service your needs
in English. provides the only bilingual business directory covering the Central Japan area. Use our bilingual (English/Japanese) Business Portal to find English-Friendly businesses and the information you need on their products and services.

Do you need a product or a service but due to the language barrier, feel unsure of where or how to find it? Worried about the language barrier getting in the way of getting the information you need to make the best purchase decisions? Rest easy knowing that with our English Friendly Business Portal, you can find all the information you need, in your language, to make the best consumer decisions. Whether you call Central Japan home or are planning to come here for a visit, English Tree's Business Portal is your definitive guide to goods and services in the area.

Central Japan includes Aichi Prefecture (including Nagoya, Toyota, Toyohashi, etc...), Gifu Prefecture (Gifu, Ogaki, Tajimi, etc...) and Mie Prefecture (Tsu, Yokkaichi, etc...).

English service ability icons explaining the level of English-language service you can expect from listed businesses are featured within each Business Portal listing. These icons are also on display Click here to view each of our English service ability icons and their explanations.

Look for our attractive English-language service decals at the entrances of businesses throughout the Central Japan area.

Our one-of-a-kind Business Portal allows you access to the following information in both English and Japanese: 1. Business directory that lists businesses by category giving you quick and convenient information on businesses offering the goods and services you need. Each listing includes: a. A description of each business' goods and services b. The level of bilingual language support you can expect there c. Business contact information d. A map and directions on how to get there 2. Featured discounts giving you savings on a wide variety of goods and services. 3. Information on new products and services.

Featuring more than 50 categories of businesses, English Tree's Business Portal gives you information on a variety of business types ranging from emergency services, such as doctors and dentists, to night clubs and entertainment hot spots.
Participating businesses can contact English Tree's bilingual Customer Support Service Centre by phone or fax in the event that you need language assistance when visiting their establishment. Our friendly and knowledgeable bilingual staff will provide on-the-spot translation to help facilitate a smooth consumer experience.
That's the best part. These services are completely free for you to use.

The Customer Support Centre is in operation from 10:30 to 19:30. Closed Tuesdays.
Don't let language be a barrier to your earning potential. Let English Tree help your business reach out to the more than 100,000 foreigners residing in the Central Japan area. Advertising with English Tree is easy and effective. Take a look at our advertising kit for further details or contact our sales department at 052-880-8598.