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Tel:.0568 42 7221 Region: Komaki Nearest Station: Komaki Guchi
Fax:.0568 42 7223 email: 0568-42-7221@telno.ne.jp Web: www.hanko21.info/komaki
Address: 3-154 Joubushi Komaki city 485-0044

Hankoya san 21 is your premier source for quality, personal seals.

However, Hankos are not the only products we provide. Browse our selection of quality business stamps (featuring name, address, company name and phone numbers). Personalized name cards in black and white or with any color or photo you like are also available.

We can also create your very own personalized envelopes or custom made fliers and postcards.

We can even help you preserve your precious memories by creating postcards featuring your family, friends or any other photographs from your collection. For restaurants, we can make your own napkins, promotional postcards or coasters. In addition, custom labeled calendars, stickers and lighters are also available upon request.

Trading hours: Weekdays: 10:00~19:00/Saturdays: 10:00~17:00
Closed on Sundays and holidays

Product Menu:

Personalized rubber stamps: ¥1,953

Japanese Folding Fans (a set of 200): ¥126 each

Promotional Fliers (a set of 10,000): ¥2,625 each

Personalized Postcards black and white (100 sets) ¥1,575
Colored (100 sets) ¥4,725~

Name cards black and white (100 sets) ¥1,554
Colored (50 sets) ¥2,079