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 Address: Karny Place 3F 1-20-8 Nishiki Nakaku Nagoya

Our Be- Escort Salon in Fushimi balances the need for a top quality beauty treatment with a reasonable price. Many of our customers treat themselves after (or sometimes even during) a grueling day at the office to promote relaxation and skin health. You'll be surprised at how good your skin will be feeling after one of our courses and realize you didn't break the bank too!
Skin feeling exceptionally weary? Need a little extra help?
At our woman only salon, we specialize in supersonic deep facial cleansing using top of the line technology combined with a vitamin c treatment that will make your skin condition the best it can be. Of course we have a wide range of other services which you can choose from to help you and your skin remain in peak condition.
We are so determined to get results, our friendly staff even provide a free consultation before any treatment to offer you the best advice possible.
Don't wait a moment longer, come and visit us today and take advantage of our English Tree Coupon ONLY extra service for no extra cost!!

To ensure we provide the best service to all of our customers we require a reservation prior to arrival at Be-Escort.

Trading Hours:

10:00 - 20:00 Sunday& National holiday is closed

Recommended Courses:
First Course:
Deep cleansing, vitamin c treatment, facial pack

Royal Course:
First course package {aroma oil massage treatment