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Tel:. 0568 67 7676 Region: Inuyama  Nearest Station: Tagata jinja mae
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Address: 18-2 Aza Toriyagoshi Inuyama city

Edo Period Charm with Impeccable Quality and Service
Recently, our nostalgic Edo Era theme restaurant has become quite a popular dinner-time meeting place. Our menu features a variety of tasty and healthy lunch items. We can even arrange multi-course meals upon request.

Come to our restaurant for dinner with your friends, family or co-workers. Offering a wide selection of traditional Japanese favorites, our restaurant will not disappoint. With our classic decor and charming service, you will feel as though temporarily transported to old Tokyo.

In Japan especially, there are many occasions for celebration. With room for up to 55 people, our restaurant is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, holiday get-togethers and welcoming or farewell parties. So please remember us the next time a special event appears on your schedule.

Trading Hours: 17:00~24:00 Closed Mondays

Octopus with vinegar ¥350
White sandbar with grated radish ¥380
Deep-fried chopped white fish ¥480
Deep-fried scallops ¥350
Deep-fried sweet potato ¥250
Pork stew ¥450
Prawn dumpling ¥450
Clam gratin ¥780
Salmon sashimi ¥480
Tuna sashimi ¥560
Prawn sushi ¥150
Tuna roll ¥300
Tomato salad ¥380
Deep-fried tofu ¥450
Fried chicken ¥480
Steamed rice with chicken ¥560
Special seafood soup ¥680
Onigiri rice balls ¥350
Sticky rice balls on a skewer ¥120