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Tel:.0568 67 5188 Region: Aichi
Address: 97-1 Aza Gouhigashi Haguro Shinden Inuyama city Nearest Station: Haguro Stn

Do you have difficulty finding high quality second-hand tires or wheels? When you come to Tire Shop ME, you will find the best rolling stock for your car.

Our staff are very friendly and will do everything they can to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Our spacious shop features a great variety of tires and wheels. There are no native English speakers on hand, but we do subscribe to English Tree's telephone translation customer support service so we will be prepared to ensure your visit is language barrier free.

At Tire Shop Me, we pride ourselves on giving top-grade service! We're looking forward to serving you.

Trading Hours: 9:30~7:30 Open 365 days a year


Second-hand tires ¥5,000~

Second-hand tire and wheel set ¥15,000~

Wheel repair ¥10,000~

Puncture repair ¥1,500

Nitrogen gas ¥500 each ~

Tire and wheel prices vary depending on their size and quality.