In Japan, English education is a highly competitive industry. To be successful, it is essential that your school has ready access to reliable, dedicated, and service-oriented teaching staff. However, due to the competitive nature of this industry, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find quality teachers.

Through our careful recruiting process and personalized approach to assessing and matching the needs of your school, English Tree is fully committed to providing your company with quality teaching staff, fully-suited to your individual needs.

Save Time, Effort and Money
Doing your own, in-house recruiting of foreign workers demands a lot of time and money. Writing and submitting job ads to foreign publications, traveling overseas to screen, interview and hire staff is very costly and time consuming. Further, arranging work visas and understanding the complexities of immigration rules and procedures associated with hiring foreign staff can lead to a great deal of confusion and frustration. English Tree will guide you through this process to ensure all of your hiring goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We are here to get you the qualified staff you need with minimum cost and effort on the part of your school. From advertising and screening to assisting with visa application and preparing your new staff member for life in Japan, English Tree takes care of everything you need to get the candidate you need when you need them.

Diverse Candidate Pool
Drawing from our pool of qualified, motivated candidates, we guarantee highly capable staff especially suited to the needs of your company.

How have we amassed such a large pool of qualified candidates?

All throughout the English speaking world
1. Our recruiters are constantly recruiting new candidates.
2. We are constantly advertising for teachers
3. We have partnerships with several universities and colleges connecting us with skilled and qualified candidates.

Keeping You Informed
Should you desire it, English Tree will provide you with regular updates on the status of the candidate you have selected so that you are informed all throughout the entire process.

Following Through
To ensure satisfaction with our services, we will maintain contact with you and the teacher we place in your organization. Our goal is to ensure all parties feel satisfied with their new partnership.

Rapid Service
In today’s fast-paced world, you cannot afford to lose any time filling your staffing needs. Right from the time you contact us, we are ready to move rapidly to match your organization with well-suited candidates in as little time as possible. As you may know, processing the paperwork and documentation to get a teacher working here in Japan can be a lengthy process. Through our dedicated recruiting network, experience, and in-depth knowledge of the procedures necessary to get teachers working here in Japan, we can have a candidate here in Japan, ready to start work within 4-6 weeks of your initial contact with English Tree and even faster in some cases.

Ensuring the best candidates
English Tree eliminates hiring uncertainties by providing you with the information you require about any candidates we present to you. To further ensure your satisfaction, all candidates in our pool of skilled professionals are subject to all of the following:
1. an in-depth interview
2 . an assessment of their qualifications to obtain a working visa in Japan
3 . a confirmation of their credentials (information requested by you)*
4 . briefing and preparation on successfully adapting to life in Japan

You Make the Final Decision
After screening and interviewing candidates, English Tree will send you a portfolio on the top candidate that most closely matches your staffing requirements. This portfolio will include the candidate’s resume, cover letter and photo. At this point, you will be in a good position to make an informed hiring decision on the best candidate for your needs. Once you make your selection, we will arrange for a telephone interview between your company and the candidate at a mutually convenient time. If all goes well, we will establish a service contract with your organization and start your chosen candidate on the path to acquiring a visa to work in Japan.

Risk-Free Service
If we do not provide you with any candidates you feel would suit your position(s), you don’t need to pay anything at all. With English Tree there are no ongoing monthly fees or fees based on annual percentages of a position’s salary. When dealing with most other placement agencies, these fees can run as high as 30% of the position’s annual salary. Further, English Tree covers all recruitment-related advertising, screening and pre-interviewing costs giving you a no-pay situation unless you choose one of our candidates to fill an opening.

*It is our policy to ensure that our candidates personal information remains protected therefore, English Tree will perform confirmation on REQUESTED (by schools) information only. Please contact us for more details.

Please note that if there are any disputes regarding any information of English Tree Staff Service details listed on the Japanese version of said details will take precedence over the English version.