Ensuring Quality Teachers

English Tree ensures the highest standards of service, reliability and professionalism. In a highly competitive industry like language instruction, high quality teaching staff with the interpersonal skills necessary to connect with students are essential for success. Our rigorous screening process ensures not only candidates have the background and qualifications for the job, but that they have the people skills necessary to make your organization successful. When it comes to finding the right teacher, English Tree is the solution you are looking for.

Our Candidate Pool
We have the utmost confidence in each of our candidates. We match you with the candidate you are looking for. Consider our recruiting strategy:
  1. Our team is recruiting new candidates all throughout the English speaking world.
  2. We have established partnerships with universities and colleges throughout the English speaking world.
  3. We are constantly advertising for quality candidates throughout the English speaking world

Our recruiting methods ensure that we keep connected with premier qualified candidates that will live up to your expectations.

All candidates in our pool of skilled professionals are screened by English Tree Recruiting staff to ensure they have suitable experience, the skill set necessary to teach English and the necessary pre-requisites to acquire a working visa in Japan. All of this information is then organized into our comprehensive candidate records management system and updated on a regular basis to allow us to quickly select candidates matching your specific needs.

The pre-interview allows English Tree to verify a candidate’s credentials while assessing their interpersonal skills, reliability, professionalism and ability to adapt to life in Japan. This pre-interview allows us to ensure candidates are well-suited to teaching English and gives us a sense of whether they would serve employers well.

Reference Check
If the candidate successfully passes our rigorous screening and pre-interview process, we will conduct a thorough check of the validity* of any requested information to ensure your needs are being met and get a better sense of their character.

We Short-List Your Candidates for You
Our goal is to save you the time and effort of sifting through numerous resumes, some with all the info you need and some without, by short listing the candidates best suited to your organization and sending you an easy to understand portfolio on the candidate most closely matching your staffing requirements. This, easy to understand portfolio will include the candidate’s resume, cover letter and photo. At this point, you will be in a good position to make an informed hiring decision on the best candidate for your needs.

The Telephone Interview
Once you make your selection, we will arrange for a telephone interview between you and the candidate you have selected. This will allow you to make the most well-informed staffing decision possible. If language difficulties would prevent the telephone interview from taking place smoothly, we can provide translation support during your live telephone interview*.
*Additional charges apply.

The Hiring Decision
When you decide to hire one of the candidates we have presented to you, English Tree will establish a service contract with your organization and finalize an employment start date.

If you would prefer to keep searching for the right employee, English Tree will be happy to present you with additional candidates. Up until this point, you are not under any obligations whatsoever to English Tree. We cover all advertising, screening and pre-interviewing costs giving you a no-pay situation unless you choose one of our candidates to fill an opening.

Obtaining a Working Visa
Once you select a candidate, we will start them on the path to acquiring a visa to work in Japan. This will require your cooperation but our knowledgeable consultants will be there to provide assistance every step along the way.

Preparing Teachers for Japan
Living in a foreign country is an undertaking only a very small percentage of people ever attempt. It therefore carries with it many challenges and stressors. To ensure successful work performance while at your company, it is vital that your candidates are prepared for the rigors and stresses that may await them in Japan. All English Tree personnel have had the experience of living in a foreign country. In addition, we are all armed with an intricate knowledge of life in Japan. These factors put us in an especially good position to ensure your teachers are well prepared for the experience of living in Japan. We will ensure that your candidate(s) have all the guidance and information necessary to make a smooth adjustment and develop into productive employees within your organization.

After Employment Starts
To ensure satisfaction with our services, we will maintain contact with you and the teacher we place in your organization. Our goal is to ensure all parties feel satisfied with their new partnership.

*It is our policy to ensure that our candidates personal information remains protected therefore, English Tree will perform confirmation on REQUESTED (by schools) information only. Please contact us for more details.

Please note that if there are any disputes regarding any information of English Tree Staff Service details listed on www.englishtreejapan.com the Japanese version of said details will take precedence over the English version.