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General Living

Founded in May 2001 by three entrepreneurs living in Nagoya, Japan, English Tree was founded to provide language learners a creative, high quality English learning program. As this became more successful the founders decided to focus not only on continually evolving as an innovative and highly sort after English school, but also on becoming a place where people looking for work can be connected with those that need reliable, competent staff..

Company Information

Establishment: March 16th 2005

Official company name: English Tree Limited Company

President: Sam Hazell

Number of the staff: 7


Head office: Nagoya office
AD Japan BLD 3F Yashirodai 3-177 Meitou ku, Nagoya, Japan
TEL 052-880-8598
FAX 052-772-0207

Office Days: Every day except Sunday
Office closure: Sunday (New Year’s holiday & our private training days)

Office operation hours: Nagoya office 10:30 – 19:30
Customer support center: 10:30 – 19:30

English tree Web site policy:
Copyright 2011 English Tree

We at English Tree are proud of the unique and comprehensive services that we provide. Every effort is made to ensure all information is current and accurate, however, we will not accept any liability for any damages or inconvenience resulting from information posted on this web site.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact us by email at 

Take a look at our service list to see how we can help you.

: Australian

Education: B.A. Double Major,
Psychology and History,
Flinders University of South Australia

Nationality: Japanese

Business Background:
Pearl Active Company, President

Other services from English Tree
English Tree offers an extensive range of services designed to effectively support your business. Make your business better, faster and smoother with English Tree.
Please call or send us an email for more information.
TEL 052-880-8598
FAX 052-772-0207


WEB site design: As one of the fastest growing business areas, can you afford to overlook your company’s homepage?
Our designers have the skill, motivation and creative flare to produce or redesign one of your company’s most significant tools.
Need a bilingual site?
We can bridge cultures and language with our intuitive Japanese and English designs.
Make the best choice for your business. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

Interpretation service: English Tree can provide you with all the language support you need in a variety of situations including: meetings, conferences, foreign guest reception, and much more. Our language services are at your command.
(¥5,000 ~ per hour)

Translation Service: Need documents translated in a hurry?
We’ve got you covered with our professional translation services including:
general translation, product information, company PR material and technical documents. We are your complete translation solution.

Tired of getting a raw translation without the nuances of the Native tongue?
At English Tree NO document is completed without a strenuous native check.
(¥3,000 ~)

Negotiation Surrogate Service: Do you have a business which needs a shrewd negotiator? One of our powerful, high skilled bilingual staff can be a part of your company’s crack negotiation team, ensuring your businesses best chance of success in international dealings.
(¥100,000 ~ per session)

Human Resource Consulting/Training: Is your company lacking the collective motivation and power needed to stay at the top? English Tree can work with you to provide effective training for any size of company from the very smallest to international corporations.
(¥50,000 ~ per session)

Overseas study support and counseling: Planning to study a foreign language overseas? Working with several major international universities and colleges, we have all the information and support resources to help you begin your foreign language learning journey.

Staff Service: English Tree Staff Service is a human resources recruitment/placement agency specializing in matching Japanese companies with foreign and multilingual professionals across a wide variety of industries. Overseas recruitment invariably involves considerable time, cost and a high degree of uncertainty about the candidates. At English Tree, our goal is to take care of all the fuss and uncertainty of hiring foreign staff to get our clients the right foreign candidates in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible. Our full-circle recruitment services cover all the bases; from advertising positions to screening and interviewing candidates to assisting with work visas to preparing foreign employees for life in Japan. For foreign staffing solutions, contact us today and arm your company with access to our diverse pool of foreign candidates.