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General Living

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Tokyo Apartments. Furnished/Serviced and rental apartments. Short to long stay. Corporate housing in Tokyo. is a social networking word-of-mouth
review website aimed at foreign residents and visitors
to Tokyo as well as Japanese who are interested in foreign culture/people.
Information site about the Japan National Health Insurance plans. Everything you want to know about getting on or off the NHI. Compares the government plans with private insurance plans.
Find Japanese pen pals and pen pals from around the world. International Parties in Nagoya! Please join us for the next Nagoya Friends Party. Around 125+ people attend each month.
This is a terrific resource for sound effects for music or video. There's a stash of FREE high quality downloadable sounds.
An informative site that offers Japanese language teachings and insight into numerous Japan related topics. is a regional web directory link to other related sites. offers Asian gifts including Chinese and Japanese paper lanterns, silk kimono robes, dresses as well as wedding favors and other gifts.
Tourist and resident information on Japan.

Guide to Tokyo & Japan - Japanese culture, Japanese Art, Kimono and Japan pictures. Plus Tokyo Japan Hotels, Tokyo Map, Tokyo Hotels, Kyoto Hotels and Map of Japan.
Exciting opportunities for teachers and students alike!

Work in

Japan's largest bilingual jobs web site. is designed especially for English-speaking professionals looking for jobs - registering is painless and the jobs are refreshed daily.
Business Link List
Okayanet Internet Cafe
General Union,Japan

Asia Expat - The Intelligent Community Asia Expat
An expatriate community forum providing, lifestyle, work,
Asian culture, business and entertainment information to aid foreigners living in East Asia and Southeast Asia.
The Ramen Ninja features weekly reviews of ramen stores in and around Nagoya City, Japan.
Japan Reference
General Union,Japan
Nagoya Opinions - Be in the "NO"!
Misfits Nagoya Misfits Nagoya
Nagoya International Center
Much Ado About Nagoya
nomotion - Photography. Writing. Everything in between.
Create Guest House - Comfortable share accomodations for reasonable prices