Online Flash Game Foreigner Fiasco
Based upon the platform of Frogger, navigate our hero across busy streets to score points and visit English-friendly locations. Watch out for those hummers, they take up alot of road! Start playing now!

English Tree provides you with all the opportunities, support and encouragement you need to thrive both within your new workplace and community.

We encourage you to look at the various sections of this web site. We are motivated to place you into good schools in Japan and to make sure that you know what to expect from your employer, living conditions, life in Japan, etc, before you arrive. We give you all the tools and support that will help YOU make the right choices, before and after arriving to your new workplace and community.

We appreciate your interest in working in Japan as an English teacher. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon! In the meantime, we invite you to take a look at some of our recommendations which will help you get started in your teaching career:

English Tree Staff Service
is a recruitment agency supplying native English teachers to schools in Japan. English Tree has developed a global network of teaching candidates possessing the skills you need to succeed in the language instruction industry.

Our goal is to take all the fuss and uncertainty of hiring foreign staff off of your shoulders to save you time and money.

Founded in May 2001 by three entrepreneurs living in Nagoya, Japan, English Tree was founded to provide language learners a creative, high quality English learning program. As this became more successful the founders decided to focus not only on continually evolving as an innovative and highly sought after English school, but also on becoming a leading provider of business and shopping information to the English speaking community in Japan. Hence the English Tree Japan Business Portal was born. helps you to break the language barrier with our online directory of English-friendly shops and services throughout Central Japan.
It is our goal to connect customers with business and connect business with customers.

Get all the tourist information you need on what to do and see in the Central Japan area.
Your one-stop source for recreation, travel, entertainment, tourism and general living, learning Japanese plus a whole lot more.
We have everything from recipes to gig guides

Looking for an outlet for your creativity? aims to become central Japan’s leading online shopping, recreation and general living information source. Please let your friends know about English Tree and how they can use it to find out about a variety of English language shopping resources and services.
offers a great online resource for people interested in learning or brushing up on their Japanese writing and reading.
They also offer some very cheap, high quality hiragana and katakana charts that can be immediately downloaded for print out and use.
If you are a beginner or a Japanese teacher, pay kanachart a visit. You won't be disappointed!!

Interested in LEARNING JAPANESE? visit our HIRAGANA and KATAKANA lesson page

Turning Japanese to Learning Japanese
is designed with the new Japanese learner in mind. It's totally FREE and people just starting to study Japanese will learn basic functions and phrases to help navigate through their Japanese experience using Japanese.

For our international viewers, you'll find the lessons are intuitive and a good stand alone starting point for learning the basics of Japanese or for those already studying, an excellent supplement.

En101 Helps you learn the language of your choice

En101 gives you the freedom to acquire a new language at your own pace, with the flexibility to fit language learning into your life whenever it’s convenient.

Whenever your ready to learn the language of your choice click: Get me started with En101